A New Year

Lancaster Memorials would like to wish all our customers
and suppliers a very Happy New Year for 2017.
The run upto Christmas is usually a very busy period
in the Headstone business and this year was only an exception
in that it was even busier than normal!
We are pleased to say that we managed to complete all
our scheduled work before Christmas and I would like to
congratulate my colleagues for their efforts in achieving this.
tested memorials
The new year will bring a large amount of safety work
in the Wakefield metropolitan district as the council carries out initial
safety inspections on older memorials in all of their cemeteries.
Many memorials will fail the stability test and will require ground anchor
systems fitting so they are able to withstand a regular vandalism test in the future.

Lancaster Memorials is processing and completing the safety work on these
memorials in around 12 weeks and we aim to keep upto this schedule.
WMDC allows one year for the memorial safety work to be carried out before
they take measures to make the unstable memorial safer for the visiting public to be around.

If on visiting the cemetery you find that your memorial
has a notice informing you that the memorial has failed the stability test
then you will require a pink form from the council so that your local mason
can process the application and undergo the safety amendment to the memorial.

WMDC Bereavement services telephone no. 01924 307446
Lancaster Memorials telephone no. 01977 791426

please telephone if you require further assistance

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